About us

Established in 1982 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Victorian Association of WW2 Veterans from the ex-Soviet Union (AVWSU) is a not for profit Australian charity. It was set up to provide support for those involved in military action, and others impacted by this tragic event directly or not. This support takes many shapes and forms. It varies from running regular association events where member experience a friendly social environment where they can share their challenges and seek support internally and externally to the organisation.

One of our main objectives is to show our respect and appreciation to those who fought in the war and made so many sacrifices to defeat the Nazis in 1945. Our members are mostly senior citizens who have experienced the horrors of the war first hand. Now, many years after the events took place, the memories are still fresh and the impact is very real. This is where understanding that these memories are shared amongst others across the diversity of the generations and social groups in our community help our members to cope with the burden.

We also need to constantly remind our younger generations that wars are horrible and deadly. Legacy of our heroes must live on. If we and wider community forget about this history of how the WW2 started and how extremely expensive it was to defeat the aggressors who without showing any mercy stomped across Europe and other continents on their way to global domination and extermination of those “not worthy to exist”, then we will face the risk of similar tragedy happening again.

The purposes of this Association are:

– the organization of annual celebration of the Victory Day of the Soviet people over German fascism in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 – 45;

– the carrying out the conversations or discussion connected with anniversaries of the major operations of war, heroic defence of the cities, victories at release of the Soviet territory and the European countries;

– the assistance to members of the Association needing in moral support, improvement of a life or transport services;

– the publication of a way of life of members of Association, who are witnesses and participants of historical events in means of the press, radio and television;

– the synthesis of the experience which has been saved up by witnesses of war and military service, in the printing editions which are storing in libraries;

– the participation in joint actions with other Russian-speaking public organizations in state Victoria.

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